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Taken on Saturday at Woofstock:

Panting Dog

Woofstock #4

Lounging Dog

(Hex, this is for you and your weird obsession with heterochromia)

Woofstock #3


Woofstock #2

Woofstock #1



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How do you like the new layout?

Lilac 02

Lilac 01

Red Maple

Tulip - Pink Bed

Tulip - Yellow to Red

In the Branches

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More Photos

I won’t have much time to post anything of substance for the next couple of days (including the weekend) because I’ll be either preping for or attending AnimeNorth. However, over the long weekend, I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens so I have A LOT of photos of tulips, lilac, and other flora which I’ll be uploading to my flickr page in small batches and then posting here.

Tulip - Red Macro

Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan'

Tulip - Unfurl

Tulip - Purple

Flowering Tree

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Variegated Rose

Variegated Rose, originally uploaded by aplysia_06.

Happy Valentines Day! And Happy Reading Week for anyone at UofT.

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Mmm…Cake, originally uploaded by aplysia_06.

One more midterm…Maybe I need cake tomorrow to celebrate.

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Picture post of a post

Originally uploaded by aplysia_06

More photos from the summer to remind me how much I miss sun, warmth, and lack of midterms.

I’m done my first midterm, and I’m pretty sure I aced it (fuck yeah physiology!). Now I have to continue studying for my neuroanatomy midterm by trying to remember the over nine thousand nuclei in the brainstem. This makes me sad enough that I might just take a nap and ignore it for a few hours.

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Butterfly on orange

Butterfly on orange
Originally uploaded by aplysia_06

I’m pretty busy with midterms this week so I’m unlikely to have time to post. And even if I did, I’d likely have nothing to post about except how terrible it is to memorize crap for neuroanatomy (fuck you magical sulci that I still cannot figure out on a real brain) or how my diet has become nothing but chocolate raisins and gummy worms. Instead of making you suffer my whining, I’ll post photos I took over the summer when I had no tests to worry about.

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