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I never thought I would have to write a post like this, but due to recent wank and accusations of censorship I’m guessing it might be a good idea to clear up my comment policy.

Comment moderation is a hassle and I don’t want to do it. It also disrupts the conversation since sometimes I can go offline for hours or days. I’d like to keep my door open to anyone: anons, pseudonyms, and even those crazy people that use a real name. I’d also like that discussions continue whether I’m here or not. What I don’t like is people coming and shitting on my carpet. Since I can lock them out with comment moderation, I damn well will when I have to. I’ll try to avoid ever doing it, but if I see trolls, people completely derailing conversations, or paranoid-delusional wackos coming to rant about the SciBlog hivemind I will turn on comment moderation because I like my carpets clean dammit. This will be temporary until the idiot I’m trying to rid myself of is gone.

As for actually not publishing posts or deleting them – well, that’s something I feel really uncomfortable with. I won’t delete comments once they’ve been published no matter how dumb, trolltastic, or useless they may be. I will, however, keep comments that contribute nothing to the discussion and don’t pertain to anything said in the post or other comments from being posted by using comment moderation. This will only happen if I even deem it necessary to turn on moderation again. Hell, I’m even loose with that. I’ll let through blatant trolls and other undesirables if they’re not repetitive and are entertaining enough because I love laughing at you.

I think this pretty much matches what I did in the post linked above. None of the posts by YouKnowWho and their various aliases have been deleted after they were posted. I only kept one comment from being published because it contributed nothing but a “you suck!” and would have futher derailed shit.

To make it clear I will NOT delete comments for disagreeing with me unless they contain absolutely no content. I’m open to arguing and discussing something pertaining to my post even if you disagree. I’m not open to trolling, raving about a blog-conspiracy, or any obsessive loons using my comments to continue a tirade about other bloggers. To continue my analogy, you can come in smelling as if you’ve been rolling in garbage or Chanel No. 5 (read:vile) and I won’t be happy, but you don’t get kicked until you start shitting on my carpets because I like my carpets clean dammit.


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